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The best Coffee books of all time
  • Your Why The difference between success and failure
  • Location How to select the best location for your new Coffee Shop
  • People How to build a great team
  • Profit How to choose what you sell to generate the most profit
  • Marketing Slam dunk marketing tactics to beat your competition
  • Real Real life, practical advice from people who run a coffee shop today
  • Downloads Supported by extra free templates, and resources
  • Formula The Coffee Shop Success Formula Explained

Essential Reading for everyone thinking of opening a Coffee Shop and for those who are running a Coffee Shop today

Martyn Herriott

“Opening a coffee shop is daunting and an exciting project and to get straight forward independent no-nonsense advice is not easy to find. Nonetheless, Andrew & Claire tell it as it is and this is a must read book for every new and budding coffee shop entrepreneur or existing owner. Even if you do not own a coffee shop read it for great business advice.”

Martyn Herriott Beverage Standards Association & Complete Beverage Solutions
Damian Mark Smyth

As someone who helps entrepreneurial businesses, I found this book essential reading for any coffee shop owner, or even someone who is considering opening a coffee shop, but who is serious about making it succeed. Andrew & Claire Bowen really know their stuff and their book gets right into the heart of the coffee shop business with superb, practical  advice, usable templates, and effective marketing solutions.

Damian Mark Smyth The Entrepreneur’s Coach
Costas Kkolos

This  covered a multitude of important aspects for anyone looking to open their first outlet. I like how you have categorised topics and how it is almost a step by step guide and a do’s and don’t approach which is very easy to follow. It definitely gives a newbie lots to consider allowing them to make a calculated decision.

Costas Kkolos Avenue Cafe, Bristol
Gary Spinks

“There are so many coffee shops around you’d think you were spoilt for choice. But not when so many get it wrong. This book will help anyone thinking of opening up a coffee shop to get the essential foundations and building blocks in place for success. In fact, you could apply the principles and ideas presented here to any new business.”

Gary Spinks Strategic Copywriter and Coffee Lover
Charles Mackenzie

This is a fantastic book for anyone opening a cafe or an owner who is struggling and needs to refocus on the business operations.

Often owners (me included) focus on working in the cafe and forget they are running a small business. This book will help you to know the financial numbers you need to be profitable, where you should be located and crucially some great marketing strategies to get and keep customers coming back.

Charles Mackenzie Cafe Marketing Coach

If you are about to spend 1000's of $, £ or € on your coffee shop opening, get this book NOW

Customer Reviews

A great book, full of practical advice and tips from people who have been there and done that, and made a success of it! If you're thinking of opening a coffee shop, then you should definitely get this book, as it will help you avoid a lot of costly mistakes and make a success of it much quicker than if you did it without this book.

Inge Dowden, Author - The Happy Worker

What an amazing book! This is not one of those books that tells you "What" to do but it gives you the step by step of "How" to do it. ....Why go through the pain of trial and error, when EVERYTHING you need is covered in this book.
I would recommend it to anyone who is either thinking of opening a coffee shop or is already running one. This book will take you from ordinary to exceptional!

Dylis Guyan, International Sales and Marketing Expert

This book is an essential tool for anyone thinking of opening a coffee shop or already in the business. As there is much to think about and do in the coffee shop business, this book along with the accompanying website, has numerous helpful resources to help and guide along the way. To re-read or dip into when required imparts even more detail. Highly recommended!

Pauline, 2nd May 2016

This excellent book is a must for not only aspiring coffee shop owners but also a practical blue print for existing coffee shop owners who want to take their business to the next level.
It is clearly set out and is full of nuggets offered by the writers who really do know their stuff.

I also agree with the first review that there is much to commend to other specialist independent retailers. A really good read.

Graham Hill, Jan 19th 2016

A Number 1 Best Seller

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Don't open your coffee shop before reading this book. Packed with practical help and advice about how to choose the best location, what to sell, how to develop great teams, how to market your coffee shop for nothing and much much more.


  • Experienced Learn from the people who have run a million £ coffee shop business
  • Practical Packed with practical advice based on real life experience
  • Suppliers How to build a great supplier base that will support your growth
  • Systems How to set up the systems you need to run your business
  • Money How to control your cash
  • Resources Free resource centre to help you run your business

Meet the Authors

Andrew Bowen

With over 30 years experience in hospitality and retail, large and small, franchised and independent Andrew has put his experience and attention to detail down on paper for everyone to benefit from who is preparing for a coffee shop opening

Claire Bowen

Claire shares her ideas on how to recruit and retain the best teams, and using her experience of managing multiple sites  the best ways to manage the financials, from managing suppliers, customers, utilities and payroll.

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If you are thinking of opening your own coffee shop, or preparing for a coffee shop opening this book is for you